Home to stunning landscapes – from the Sahara Desert to contrasting rainforests and volcanic outcrops – the people and culture are as astonishingly diverse as their region. Through all of these eclectic combinations and natural splendour runs one of Africa’s most imposing rivers, the Niger. The staggering number of communities in this region often takes visitors by surprise. Zooming in, travellers discover traditions remanent from the colonial periods (and some of the atrocities that came with it). This is displayed in mysterious masks and fantastic festivals. This is a region of epic history and similar struggles. Western Africa is therefore still one of the few places on the planet where tourism is in its infancy – but not to fret. Here at Dilwana, we bring the magnificence of Western Africa to you through various pieces exclusive only to this region.

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A region of contrast blending lush rainforests with the seemingly desolate Sahara, West African art is as diverse as the landscape. It is home to empires and nomads alike, the African artisans likewise produce monuments or small intimate objects. Arts and handcrafts from West Africa boast some of the most outstanding work on the continent, and many contemporary pieces can be seen circulating in art galleries and the homes of international collectors.

The variety, shapes, and practices of West African art are so great that any attempt to categorise it will fall short. Some pieces were created for the sake of art itself, with only aesthetic value in mind. Other African artisans create art with entertainment value, others, with a political message. Still, there is instrumental art, ritual art, statues, masks, textiles… the list is practically endless. Artist also often combines several of these elements into their craft.

Western African contemporary art is on fire at the moment! Artists who formerly left the continent are now returning to their roots to draw inspiration from their homeland to create pieces that are so unique to the region.

Dilwana provides you with the unrivalled opportunity to get your hands on the hottest art pieces from this diverse region to add to your African collection. You can buy handmade arts and crafts from Africa right here. All our pieces are infused with African culture – you can even get your hands on breath-taking textiles and dressed that resemble the Sahara at sunset.

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