Blended and brought together with a heady blend of customs, spices, cuisine, and culture, North Africa is a place like no other. With its epic history, Greeks, Romans, and Phoenicians have all left their mark. While the eclectic mix of Arabian charm still dominates the greater region, there are also strong French colonial undertones. However, it is the resilience required to live in this region that makes it so unique – and visitors soon discover the friendly personality and sharp wit of the people beneath the area’s rugged exterior. On our Dilwana website, we bring this exotic blend of Mid-East meets Africa to your home with fine crafts and handpicked pieces.

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Northern Africa, or by its lesser-known name, the Maghreb combines the borders of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia, as well as the disputed area of Western Sahara. Here, Africa meets Arabia, with a good dose of Greek and Islamic art influence. There is no shortage of inspiration for North African artisans to draw from – the region itself is the inspiration behind their work.

Typical art of the northernmost part of the continent has almost mystical qualities to them, representing symbols and signals from both the Berbers to the Islamic heritage from the distinct Arabian influence. Moroccan artists especially preserve traditional arts and crafts with clear Andalusian influences. These master crafters or “mu’alim” are revered to this day by more contemporary artists, who reformulate older techniques in combination with modern work.

Signs and symbols also play a big role in influencing the artistic culture of this region. Symbols were often used to mask metaphors for colonial policies, and North African artisans still use signs and the Berber alphabet in their expression of art. Pottery, textiles, and even carved wood figures are often emblazoned with traditional symbols.

If you are looking to buy handmade arts and crafts from this exotic region, Dilwana’s got you covered. We have handpicked only the best pieces that accurately represent the culture and history that is Northern Africa.

Northern Africa

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