To send your product specifications to us, please fill out the form below according to its instructions and send the form to address.

You can download the excel file for fulfill the form: Click for Download

Dilwana Products Specification Form
Num Details Additional description
1 Product Title (name)    
2 Product Description    
3 Product  Material    
4 Product Variant     
5 Price ( For each variant )    
6 Product category     
7 Available quantity    
8 Size & weight ( For each variant )    
9 Product Brand    
1 Title: 100 characters max, capitalize the first letter of every word
2 Image: 500 x 500 or 1,000 x 1,000 pixels to increase listing quality ( attach image files on Email and send it to us )
3 Variations: Such as different colors, scents, or sizes
4 Bullet Points: Short, descriptive sentences highlighting key features and benefits
5 Description: Keywords improve the chances that people will find your listing better ( 2-3 sentences to introducing your product )